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Ruffed Grouse Wing and Tail Survey

Ruffed Grouse Society

New Hampshire Fish and Game conducts an annual grouse wing and tail survey throughout the state.  These samples provide us with age and sex composition, distribution data and a juvenile to adult female ratio.  Of the 135 useable samples (sex and age could be determined) in 2019, there were 61 adults of which 38 (62%) were males and 23 (38%) were females.  Seventy-four (55%) usable samples were juveniles.  The juvenile to adult female ratio was 3.2; these results were higher than the 1.69 reported last year.  In 2019, the grouse flush rate per hour hunted was 1.31.  This is a decrease from the reported 1.94 flush rate in 2018.


Hunter participation is key to this effort – we need yourhelp and you could win a gun.  All those who turn in completed survey cards andusable samples will be entered into a drawing for a quality shotgun donated bythe Ruffed Grouse Society.


Any grouse hunter can participate by picking up grousesamples packets, which include envelopes and survey cards for two grousesamples, from any of the participating locations listed below.  Hunters are asked to remove all tissue fromthe wing and tail samples and to let them dry completely before placing the samplesin the envelopes.  Please DO NOT place the samples in plastic ofany kind; use the envelopes.  Huntersshould place only one wing and one tail in each envelope with the correspondingcompleted survey card.  Completed packetsmust be returned to one of these locations.


Packets will be available as of September 25, 2020 at the following locations:

  • N.H. Fishand Game Department, Headquarters, Concord, NH (Monday-Friday, 8:30 am-4pm) (get directions)

    Packets may be picked up and delivered to theWildlife Division office on the 2nd floor. (603) 271-2461.

    N.H.Fish and Game Department, Region 1 Office,Lancaster, NH (Monday-Friday 8:30 am-4 pm)(603)788-3164.
  • ErrolGeneral Store, 76 Main Street, Errol, NH (603) 482-3235.
  • OldCorner Store, 764 Presidential Hwy, Jefferson, NH. (603)586-7722.
  • Young’sGeneral Store, 2792 North Main Street, Pittsburg, NH (Packets in tote boxin the entryway of the store, which is open all the time) (603) 538-6616.
  • LopstickLodge, 1st Connecticut Lake, Pittsburg, NH.  Open daily 7 am-9 pm(603)538-6659.
  • TallTimber Lodge, 609 Beach Road, Pittsburg, NH.  Open daily 8 am-10 pm (603) 538-6651.
  • Treatsand Treasures, 3316 N. Main Street, Pittsburg, NH.  Open daily 7 am-7 pm(603)538-7472.
  • Gord’sCorner Store, 1156 W Milan Road, Milan, NH. Hours of service may vary. (603)  449-2236.
  • AJ’s MilanLuncheonette, 717 Milan Road, Milan, NH. Hours of service may vary. (603)  449-6726
  • Shawnee’sStore, 732 Mt. Moosilauke Hwy, Wentworth, NH, Hours of service may vary. (603)  764-5553
  • Patterson’sGrocery & Deli, 577 NH-10, Orford, NH, Hours of service mayvary. (603) 353-4703


Results from the previous year's survey may be viewed in the Small Game Report PDF Document


Please let other ruffed grouseenthusiasts know about this survey and help us increase participation thisyear,and saythanks to these business owners for their effort, as well.


For more information on the grousesurvey, call Karen Bordeau, NH Fish and Game Small Game Project Leader, atFish and Game's Region 2 Office in New Hampton, NH, at (603) 744-5470.