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Turtles of New Hampshire

There are 7 species of turtles that are considered native to New Hampshire. Box turtles are considered native to NH, although no populations (multiple individuals from one site) are known at this time. Some species, such as painted and snapping turtles, are relatively common and widespread across the state. Other species like the Blanding's turtles are becoming increasingly imperiled. Four of the 7 species (Blanding's turtle, spotted turtle, wood turtle, box turtle) were identified as species in greatest need of conservation in the New Hampshire Wildlife Action Plan.


For an overview of the Granite State's turtle species, read Life in the Slow Lane: Turtles of NH PDF Document by wildlife biologist Michael Marchand, from NH Wildlife Journal magazine.


The New Hampshire Fish and Game Department maintains a database of all reptile and amphibian reports through its Reptile and Amphibian Reporting Program (RAARP). The first step to reporting a sighting is accurately identifying the species. Information and photographs were compiled for all of New Hampshire's native turtles to aid in this identification process.


In addition to these 7 native species, occasionally a non-native turtle is observed in New Hampshire resulting from released pets, most commonly red-eared sliders. Never release pet turtles into the wild!! Report non-native species to Fish and Game.