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Habitats and Predators


Lake habitat

Freshwater mussels occur in a variety of aquatic habitats in NH including lakes, ponds, wetlands, rivers, and streams. Photo by M. Marchand

Freshwater mussels

Freshwater mussels filter water in through an inhalant aperture and expel water through an exhalant aperture (both visible in these mussels). Mussels often are partially to mostly buried within substrate with only the posterior end of the mussel visible (the end where filtering occurs). In this photo, a brook floater mussel and triangle floater mussel are actively filtering. Photo by E. Nedeau



Muskrats are a common predator

of freshwater mussels.

Shells left  by predator

A pile of mussel shells, called a midden, after they were consumed by a predator. Photo by E. Nedeau



Special thanks to Ethan Nedeau, Biodrawversity LLC for allowing NHFG use of photographs and illustrations on this website.