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Monarchs in the Classroom


Monarchs are now a species in greatest need of conservation PDF Document in New Hampshire and the country. These butterflies are also a great way to bring science, field investigations and real place based education opportunities to the classroom and your school grounds that help improve habitat.


  • Learn more about the monarch butterfly's conservation needs (link)


Teacher Resources: The Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies (AFWA) has reviewed and rated a variety of curriculum focused on Monarch Butterflies. This publication provides reviews and links to classroom activities, schoolyard pollinator gardens, citizen science opportunities and field investigation materials on monarch butterflies aligned with the Next Generation Science Standards for K-12. Be sure to check out this webinar to learn more about the monarch butterfly, the AFWA curriculum guide, and how the best monarch curriculum materials in the country were rated for educators.


Teacher Resources for Monarch Butterflies


  • Teaching About the Magnificent Monarch PDF Document An educator's resource guide to monarch-related curriculum for the classroom and schoolyard.
  • Webinar: Teaching About the Magnificent Monarch Guide Video Icon Includes the issues monarchs face and criteria used to rate top recommendations for monarch butterfly curriculum materials with links and resources for educators.
  • Schoolyard Wildlife Action Grants: Eligible projects include pollinator gardens, monarch habitat, monarch monitoring stations, and other wildlife habitat projects on school property.
  • On-site consult from a wildlife biologist for pollinator and monarch butterfly projects: A Wildlife Biologist will come help you get started on your project, to review your plan and make recommendations. If you have a project in mind or are planning a grant proposal contact us.