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Keep Common Species Common

More than 400 species of mammals, birds, reptiles, and amphibians, as well as thousands of insects and other invertebrates are protected by the NH Fish and Game Department's Nongame and Endangered Wildlife Program. The program works in cooperation with other New Hampshire agencies and organizations to carry out effective conservation strategies to protect and enhance this diverse group of wildlife.


Learn more in these articles from NH Wildlife Journal magazine:


Amphibians and Reptiles

imageThe Charismatic Black Racer

Biologists are working to conserve these highly mobile snakes -- and the shrubland habitat they rely on. [NH Wildlife Journal, March/April 2014]



Salamanders of New Hampshire

Fish and Game is working to document the abundance of New Hampshire’s ancient amphibians.[NH Wildlife Journal, March/April 2015]


imageInvasion of the Teakettles

Carolina wrens are no longer rare in New Hampshire. Has this southern songbird arrived in your neighborhood? [NH Wildlife Journal, March/April 2017]


imageVisitors from the North

Unexpected arrivals can add mystery and excitement to winter birdwatching. [NH Wildlife Journal, January/February 2016]


imageTracking Terns

Fish and Game researchers are learning how far endangered terns must fly in search of food. [NH Wildlife Journal, July/August 2016]


imageWorld of the Woodpecker

Get to know New Hampshire’s virtuoso drum corps. [NH Wildlife Journal, September/October 2016]


imageMarsh Hawks of Creampoke

Northern harriers need active management to remain a part
of New Hampshire’s wildlife legacy. [NH Wildlife Journal, July/August 2015]


imageWonderful Wood Warblers

These lively gems of woods and shrubs are a birdwatcher’s delight. [NH Wildlife Journal, May/June 2015]


imageMagical Moths

Get to know New Hampshire’s diverse moths, from massive lunas to exquisite micro-species. [NH Wildlife Journal, July/August 2017]


imageWild Bees of NH

Meet the unsung heroes of the pollinator world, our wild bees;
learn what you can do to help them thrive. [NH Wildlife Journal, May/June 2016]


imageMoles, Shrews, Mice and More

Researchers focus in on New Hampshire’s many small
mammals. [NH Wildlife Journal, November/December 2016]


imageA Helping Hand for Wildlife

We can all take action to benefit New Hampshire’s wildlife – learn
how in the Wildlife Action Plan. [NH Wildlife Journal, March/April 2016]