Miller State Park

Route 101E, Peterborough, NH

Located on the 2,290-foot summit and flank of Pack Monadnock in Peterborough, Miller is the oldest state park in New Hampshire. A winding 1.3-mile paved road leading to the scenic summit is open for visitors to drive in summer and on spring and fall weekends. Picnicking and hiking are popular activities at this scenic mountain park. Three main hiking trails ascend Pack Monadnock to the summit. The best known is the Wapack Trail, which is a 21-mile footpath that extends from Mount Watatic in Ashburnham, Massachusetts, to North Pack Monadnock in Greenfield.

A fire tower, no longer used for detecting fires, affords a panoramic view of the surrounding countryside. Mount Monadnock, 3,165 feet high, can be seen standing alone twelve miles to the west. It is believed that Native Americans named the area's mountains, and that “pack” means “little”. Other peaks and hills of southern New Hampshire and adjacent Massachusetts can also be seen. On clear days, views reach to Mount Washington, the skyscrapers of Boston and the Vermont hills. Miller is a carry in - carry out park. Please take your trash home with you and dispose of it properly.

Open weekends from early April to mid-May and Late October until snowfall, open daily from Mid-May to Late October. 

There is a per-person entrance fee at this park.

Viewing Information

Not only are there great views from the top of Miller State Park, the Pack Monadnock Raptor Observatory is located here.  The observatory is staffed from September, through October. The fall sky plays host to migrating birds.  In mid-September vast kettles of broad–winged hawks are often seen.  During peak migration, up to forty ospreys in a single day, as well as eagles, peregrines, merlin and many other raptors.

Besides raptors, you may also witness the migration of golden plover and chimney swifts doing their erratic dance. October brings common loons and white-winged scoters on their way to the coast, hermit thrushes in the spruces, and the year’s first snow buntings. In the summer-look for turkey vultures, ravens, black-capped chickadees, Tennessee, black-throated blue and black-throated green warblers.


GPS – N 42 o50.988’  W 071o 53.216’   (Main Entrance)

Park entrance is on Route 101 east of the town of Peterborough.

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Miller State Park
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