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Marine Recreational Information Program



Photographs by Joshua Borgeson, NH Fish and Game

Information about your fishing trips can help Fish and Game biologists manage our fisheries!


The collection of accurate information from anglers is essential in providing fisheries scientists and managers, both state and federal, with the best possible information to be used in stock assessments and fishery management.


Since 1997, New Hampshire Fish and Game has conducted a marine recreational fisheries survey in cooperation with the NOAA Fisheries Service. The angler survey has actually been conducted along the Atlantic coast since 1979. The survey consists of two portions, 1) field intercepts, and 2) coastal household telephone surveys. The telephone survey helps provide Fish and Game with an estimate of fishing trips taken by saltwater anglers each year from shore, personal boats, and charter/party boats. The field surveys allow Fish and Game to obtain estimates of the saltwater fish catch and harvest during anglers' trips. The data collected are available to the public through a searchable database maintained by the National Marine Fisheries Service, where you can see catch, harvest, and effort estimates of fish caught each year by anglers in many coastal states.


Do Your Part


If you encounter one of Fish and Game's trained survey staff during the summer at one of the many saltwater fishing access sites along New Hampshire's seacoast, we strongly encourage you to take a few minutes to speak with them and participate in the survey.


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party boat


Thanks for taking part in our surveys!


If you have any questions about the MRIP, or New Hampshire saltwater fishing in general, please contact the marine recreational fisheries biologists at NH Fish and Game's Marine Fisheries Division (603) 868-1095.