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Clamming in New Hampshire



Shellfish Harvest Areas

NH Coastal Atlas

Visit the NH Coastal Atlas by clicking this link, you will leave the Fish and Game website for the latest information on shellfish harvest closures. Shellfish harvesters are advised to visit the online NH Coastal Atlas or check the telephone NH Clam Flat Hotline at 1-800-43-CLAMS or for unscheduled updates. Areas labeled as "open" are subject to temporary closures as a result of weather and other factors.


If an emergency closure of Little Bay and the Bellamy River occurs, the telephone hotline will be updated by 8:30 AM on Saturday.


noticeBecause the NH Coastal Atlas is now the primary resource for information on shellfish closures, this NH Fish and Game Department web page will no longer provide weekly updates.


The NH Coastal Atlas gives you quick access, on your personal computer or mobile device, to information on the status of the clam flats, oyster beds, and other shellfish harvesting areas, beach swimming advisories, and coastal public access sites. You can sign up to get text messages or email notifications (PC only) whenever new shellfish harvest information is posted. NH Coastal Atlas is maintained by the NH Department of Environmental Services.


Before you go shellfishing, always visit the NH Coastal Atlas or call the NH Clam Flat Hotline at 1-800-43-CLAMS to make sure your area is open. The NH Coastal Atlas will have the most up-to-date information.


Photo courtesy of Chris Nash

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