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NH Licensed Charter and Party Boats

This is a list of currently licensed Charter and Party Boats that operate in New Hampshire state waters. In general, a Charter Boat takes 6 passengers or fewer and charges a set fee for the fishing trip; a Party Boat carries more than 6 people and charges per person.


Party/charter boats are licensed by calendar year; we recommend that operators renew early in the year. To apply for a license, visit Fish and Game in Concord or download and complete the print-and-mail application PDF Document.


Updated July 28, 2022


Licensed Charter and Party Boats
Port (North to South) Type of Boat Business Name Phone
Newington Charter Seacoast Fly Fishing (516) 383-0508
Portsmouth Charter Blue Goose (603) 765-9796
Portsmouth Charter Bye Polar Fishing, LLC (603) 670-6672
Portsmouth Charter Fishtale Charters, LLC (603) 557-5479
Portsmouth Charter Hardcore Anglers LLC (603) 969-8424
Portsmouth Charter Lost Boyz Fisheries (603) 953-6660
Portsmouth Charter Scout Charters (603) 483-2916
Portsmouth Charter Sophie Sea Charters, LLC (603) 742-8812
Portsmouth Charter The Charter Doctor (603) 964-8804
New Castle Charter Breakaway Charters (603) 765-6590
New Castle Charter Shoals Fly Fishing and Light Tackle (603) 205-5318
Rye Charter Clandestino Fisheries (603) 498-7577
Rye Charter Harvester Fishing Charters (603) 498-5858
Rye Charter Pinwheel Tuna Fishing (603) 860-9010
Rye Charter Rye Harbor Adventures (603) 770-6677
Rye Charter Savage Charters, LLC (603) 520-5062
Rye Charter Seacoast N.H. Sportfishing (603) 394-5807
Rye Charter South End Charters (603) 205-1806
Rye Party Tontine Fishing, Inc. (603) 235-3960
Rye Charter Vintage Fish Company (603) 686-6606
Hampton Charter Answer Sport Fishing (603) 235-3893
Hampton Charter Admiral Bruin Sportfishing LLC (603) 944-7273
Hampton Charter Aelin Mae Charters (603) 234-8884
Hampton Charter Angler Management 101 (603) 605-1004
Hampton Charter Barbin Charters (603) 483-5097
Hampton Charter Bayly Charters (518) 281-3741
Hampton Charter Catch'em Fishing Charters (603) 944-7292
Hampton Charter Central NH Guides (603) 369-7140
Hampton Charter Fat Willy Charters (603) 505-0342
Hampton Charter F/V Galway Hooker (603) 785-2274
Hampton Charter R and K Enterprise LLC (781) 771-4415
Hampton Party Steaker Charters  
Hampton Charter Three Buoys Charters (603) 894-7267
Hampton Beach Charter Captain Bobs Lobster Tours (603) 568-3567
Hampton Beach Party and Charter Gauron Fisheries (603) 926-2469
Hampton Harbor/Seabrook Charter Annie B, LLC (603) 474-3461
Hampton Harbor/Seabrook Party and Charter Lady Merrilee Ann Fisheries, Inc (603) 474-3461
Seabrook Party Capt & Capt Fisheries LLC (603) 997-1598
Kittery, ME Charter BIG WILLY Charters LLC (603) 674-1492
Newburyport Charter Day-Off Charters (603) 365-1130