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Consolidated Appropriations Act (CARES 2.0): Marine and Coastal Fisheries Assistance from COVID-19 Effects

(Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security)


CARES Act 2.0 Applications:

  • If you are pre-qualified based on mandatory reported information or hold a 2020 New Hampshire Saltwater Fishing Vessel Charter license for a vessel that does not possess federal permits with mandatory trip reporting (all federal permits except HMS) you will be sent an application. If you are not pre-qualified and meet the eligibility criteria for the below fisheries or seafood group(s), please use the appropriate application(s) below.
  • Applications must be received or postmarked within the application period. See dates next to the appropriate application(s) once they are posted. Applications will not all be posted at the same time and will be posted as they are distributed. Applications postmarked outside of the application period will not be accepted.


Workgroup's presentations, survey results, and membership:


  • For-Hire
  • Commercial Saltwater Workgroup
  • Commercial Lobster Workgroup
  • Seafood Processors and Dealers Workgroup Presentation
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