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William B. Ruger, Jr. Wildlife Management Area

Town: Croydon, Grantham & Newport


County: Sullivan


Acres: 3,181


Acquisition History:  This property was acquired by the Department on March 1, 2019 with the assistance of The Conservation Fund. Funding for the acquisition was provided by the USFWS Wildlife Restoration Program, NH Department of Environmental Service’s Aquatic Resource Mitigation Fund and the NH Land and Community Heritage Investment Program.


Description: The property consists of two distinct tracts. Ruger South (1,905 acres) is located in Newport and Croydon. Ruger North (1,276 acres) is in Croydon and Grantham.


Ruger North contains a large percentage of the watershed of Dodge Brook which runs in a southerly direction through the entire length of the property and empties into the North Branch of the Sugar River. There is an extensive wetlands system along the brook and several of its tributaries totaling 238 acres with a variety of wetland types including a 132-acre marsh. While the parcel is dominated by northern hardwood and conifer forest, it also contains a variety of other habitat types including approximately 40 acres of managed shrubland under an existing powerline right-of-way and 15 acres of old field.


Ruger South is also dominated by northern hardwood and conifer forest and has 179 acres of diverse wetlands including a 58-acre sedge meadow marsh, a 25-acre black spruce swamp, and 4 miles of stream including Ash Swamp Brook and its tributaries.


Common Wildlife: The Ruger WMA is located in one of the largest areas of unfragmented forest south of the White Mountains. All of the large mammal species found in this ecological region will be found on this WMA such as bear, deer, and moose.  With the extensive wetland systems, you can also expect furbearers such as mink, otter, and beaver.  Many nesting and migrating waterfowl use the large wetlands found on both parcels. There are also numerous vernal pools providing habitat for associated reptile and amphibian species such as wood frogs, spring peepers, salamanders, and various turtles.


Directions:  The Ruger WMA is located on the west side of Route 10. Ruger South can be accessed from the Cornish Turnpike in Newport and the Class 6 Brighton Road in Croydon. Ruger North has frontage along Loverin Hill Road in Croydon and the Class 6 Croydon Turnpike in Croydon and Grantham.


DeLorme NH Atlas and Gazetteer Coordinates: Ruger South: Page 33, I 13, Ruger North: Page 33, G 14




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