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Brentwood State Game Farm Wildlife Management Area


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Town: Brentwood

County: Rockingham

Acres: 37.5

Acquisition History: The Brentwood Game Farm was purchased in 1951

Description: This WMA is located at 287 South Road in Brentwood, NH. 

Common Wildlife: The Brentwood Game Farm resides in a relatively suburban setting, with residential development surrounding it on most sides.  The acreage here provides a retreat for wildlife that have adapted to such a setting.  White-tailed deer, turkey, and woodcock make use of the forest and field edges.  Watch for songbirds along field edges and in the newly planted shrubland.   


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Special Notes: The Brentwood Game Farm was purchased by the Department after having leased it from the former owners for several years.  Bought specifically to raise pheasant for NH's pheasant hunting season, the program ended around 1973 when all birds were destroyed due to an Eastern Equine Encephalitis (EEE) scare.  The University of New Hampshire then leased the buildings until 2010 to conduct research on deer and other native wildlife.  Today, the house is used by Conservation Officer trainees who are temporarily stationed in the area, and some of the barns are used for storage. 

A 2012 timber harvest cleared a pine plantation which had grown into chicken wire left behind when the pheasant program was terminated.  The department has made an effort to return this area to a native shrubland through invasive plant control and native shrub planting.

Directions: Turn onto South Road from Rte 125 in Brentwood, NH.  The farm is 0.3 miles on the left.  Please note that the area around the house and buildings is closed to the public.

DeLorme N.H. Atlas and Gazetteer coordinates: Page 23, B 12




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