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Proposed Rules and Rulemaking Notices

Comments may be mailed, by the deadline stated, to: NH Fish and Game Department, 11 Hazen Drive, Concord, NH 03301; faxed to (603) 271-1438; or emailed to:

(be specific about the rule topic in the subject line of your email).

When rules are complete and have been adopted, they can be found online.


        Notice of Public Hearing

        The Department will hold a public hearing at headquarters, 11 Hazen Drive in Concord on Thursday, September 30, at 2:00 p.m. regarding a proposal to amend Fis 1000, Conservation of Threatened and Endangered Species. The Rulemaking Notice and the Initial Proposal explain the proposed amendments. People may appear in person at the hearing, or may file written comments with the Department until the close of business on Friday, October 8, 2021. These rules have been developed in close cooperation with the Department of Environmental Services who have also proposed changes in their Alteration of Terrain program rules. The Rulemaking Notice, Initial Proposal, and proposed changes can be found here.


        The following rules have been adopted by the Department, but have not yet been posted online by the Division of Administrative Rules. If you would like a copy of any of these documents, please email to and a copy will be sent to you at the email address you have provided.

        #12933 Readopt, Readopt w/Amend Fis 400 various, 500 various, 1104.05 Island Fisheries and Fishing Tournament Rules (eff 11-28-19)

        #12984 EXEMPT – Readopt w/Amend Fis 603.08, 603.15 Striped Bass and Bluefish (eff 1-29-20)

        #13030 EMERGENCY RULE – Adopt Fis 302.013 Alternative Method to Register Turkey in 2020 (eff 4-13-20) EXPIRES: 10-10-20

        #13034 EXEMPT - Readopt w/Amend Fis 302.04-302.07, 302.10 2020 Migratory Bird Rules (eff 4-15-20)

        #13098 INTERIM RULE - Readopt w/Amend Fis 309.01 Chronic Wasting Disease (eff 9-4-20) EXPIRES: 3-3-21)

        #13109 EXEMPT – Readopt w/Amend Fis 603.08, 603.15 Marine Fishing Rules; Striped Bass and Bluefish (eff 9-23-20)

        #13110 EXEMPT - Readopt w/Amend Fis 603.09 Groundfish Restrictions; Marine Fishing Rule (eff 9-23-20)

        #13188 EXEMPT - Readopt w/Amend Fis 602.09 & 603.01 Marine Fishing Rules; Sea Herring and Sharks (eff 4-15-21)

        #13194 Readopt w/Amend Fis 806.05 Snowshoe Hare Live Capture Requirements (eff 4-24-21)

        #13197 EXEMPT - Readopt w/Amend Fis 302.04, 302.05, 302.06, 302.07.07, 302.10 - 2021 Migratory Bird Rules (eff 4-24-21)

        #13199 Adopt/Readopt w/Amend Fis 1109.12 and Fis 1500 various Residency for Permits and Licenses and OFF Highway Recreation Vehicles and Snowmobiles (eff 4-30-21)

        ______ Readopt w/amendment Fis 300 various, Wildlife Seasons Biennial Rulemaking, (eff 5-26-21)