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Citizen Participation


What can I do to help?
Help others recognize the benefits and services that Fish and Game brings to everyone in New Hampshire, and share your views on current bills.



From the NH General Court website: "Citizen Participation: You have many opportunities to impact this process, including testifying at hearings, writing letters or making phone calls to your representatives, or working with organizations to create awareness of the possible impact of a piece of legislation. You should know that New Hampshire's "citizen legislature" is a great source of state pride, and that Representatives and Senators welcome phone calls at home since most of them don't have offices at the State House, and have little or no staff to help them gather information. To contact your Legislator you may call the House Clerk's office (603) 271-2548 or the Senate Clerk's office (603) 271-3420 for more information."


Who's on the NH State Legislative Committees affecting Fish and Game? Certain committees make decisions that directly impact Fish and Game Department funding and other issues; this happens before legislative proposals come to the entire House or Senate for a vote. A few are listed below. Click on the committee name for contact information.