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Waterfowl Hunting Zones

Waterfowl zoneCoastal Zone: Beginning at the Maine-New Hampshire line in Rollinsford, that portion of the state east of a boundary formed by Route 4 west to the city of Dover, south to the intersection of Route 108 through Madbury, Durham and Newmarket to the junction of Route 85 in Newfields, south to Route 101 in Exeter, east to Interstate 95 in Hampton, and south to the Massachusetts line.


Inland Zone: Area of the state east of the Connecticut River Zone, south of the Northern Zone, and west of the Coastal Zone.



Northern Zone: Area of the state east of the Connecticut River Zone and north of the Inland Zone beginning at the Jct. of Rte.10 and Rte.25A in Orford, east on Rte. 25A to Rte. 25 in Wentworth, southeast on Rte. 25 to Exit 26 off I-93 in Plymouth, south on Rte. I-93 to Rte. 3 at Exit 24 off I-93 in Ashland, northeast on Rte. 3 to Rte. 113 in Holderness, north on Rte. 113 to Rte. 113-A in Sandwich, north on Rte. 113-A to Rte. 113 in Tamworth, east on Rte. 113 to Rte. 16 in Chocorua, north on Rte. 16 to Rte. 302 in Conway, east on Rte. 302 to the ME-NH border.


Connecticut River Waterfowl Hunting Zone (NH/Vermont) - Area of the State of VT east of I-91 at the MA border, north on I-91 to Rte. 2, north on Rte. 2 to Rte. 102, north on Rte. 102 to Rte. 253, and north on Rte. 253 to the border with Canada. The Connecticut River Zone is that area of NH west of Rte. 63 at the MA border, north on Rte. 63 to Rte. 12, north on Rte. 12 to Rte. 12-A, north on Rte. 12A to Rte 10, north on Rte. 10 to Rte. 135, north on Rte. 135 to Rte. 3, north on Rte. 3 to the intersection with the Connecticut River.


  • Regulations for the New Hampshire Inland Zone apply to the entire Connecticut River Zone in New Hampshire and Vermont.
  • NOTE: The New Hampshire and Vermont state legislatures have enacted reciprocal migratory waterfowl hunting rights for licensed waterfowl hunters in the Connecticut River Zone.
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