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Turkey Season Results

The May 2018 Spring Gobbler Season total of 4,203 turkeys was comprised of 9 bearded hens, 985 jakes (23.5%), and 3,212 toms (76.5%), for a juvenile to adult gobbler harvest ratio of 0.31 to 1.00, or approximately 3 toms to 1 jake.  The Youth Hunt weekend registered 339 turkeys or 8.1% of the total spring harvest, during April 28-29.


The project biologist feels that the turkey harvest for the May 2018 season was 279 turkeys (6.22%) below the May 2017 harvest of 4,482 turkeys due to significantly less hunter participation during the second half of the May season because of the following reasons: early green-up of vegetation reduced seeing and hearing distance, temperatures were abnormally high for May and the population of ticks was excessive.


Opening day Wednesday, May 3, registered 677 turkeys or 17.5% of the season total.  The first week of the season (May 3-6) registered 1,883 turkeys or 48.7% of the season total.  The second week (May 7-13) registered 961 turkeys or 24.9%.  The period May 14-31 registered only 26.2%.


The 2-year old toms were the largest portion (43.9%) of the spring 2018 gobbler harvest.  This suggests a good hatch from summer 2016.  The 3-year old toms were a healthy 25.5% of the total harvest.  As expected the 4-year old segment was 6.2%, and the 5-year old segment was only 1.0%.


The wildlife management unit with the highest turkey harvest continues to be unit J2, east of Concord and north of Rt. 4.  The units with the greatest harvest were:  J2 (642), K (544), H2 (470), and M (454).


The towns with the most harvest were:  61 Gilmanton, 55 Weare, 53 Bath, 52 Lyndeboro.  Fourteen towns had 40 or more turkeys registered, and thirty-nine towns had 30 or more gobblers registered.


There were 60 registration stations throughout the state, of which fifteen stations registered 100 or more turkeys.  The two stations which continue to register the most turkeys were 272 turkeys at Wildlife Taxidermy in Manchester and 259 at Morse’s Sporting Goods in Hillsboro.


Heavy gobblers were fairly numerous from the May 2018 season.  There were 4 of 26 pounds, 2 of 25 ½ pounds, 6 of 25 pounds, 3 of 24 ½ pounds, and 30 of 24 pounds.


The longest beards were 12, 11 ½, and 11 inches. The longest leg spurs were 1.5 inches.