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Turkey Hunting Safety

  1. Never stalk a turkey. It rarely works and increases the risk of an accident.

  2. Never wear red, white or blue or black over- or under-clothing, because these are the prominent colors of displaying gobblers.

  3. Never call from a tree that is thinner than the width of your shoulders. Small trees won't hide slight movements of your hands or shoulders, which might look like a turkey to another hunter.

  4. Never jump or turn suddenly in response to a suspected turkey. When turkey hunting, assume that every sound you hear is made by another hunter.

  5. Never call from a site where you can't see at least 40 yards in all directions.

  6. Never imitate a gobbler call while concealed in a stand.

  7. Never presume that what you hear or what responds to your call is a turkey.

  8. Never think that your camouflage makes you totally invisible. To ID yourself to other hunters, wrap an orange band around a tree.

  9. Never hide so well that you can't see what's happening around you.

  10. Never move or wave to alert approaching hunters; shout "stop" instead.