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Turkey Hunt Forecast

Ted Walski, Turkey Project Biologist
August 14, 2018

The turkey hunting permit allows taking of one bearded turkey during the spring season and one turkey of either sex during the fall season; $16.00 permit fee for resident and $32.00 for non-resident.
Fall Turkey Archery Season is September 15 (Saturday) - December 15 (Saturday).  Fall Shotgun Turkey Season is October 15 (Monday) - October 21 (Sunday).  Northern units A, B, C1, C2, D1, E, F closed to fall shotgun.


Semi-drought conditions for early summer 2018 have been a major factor for a good number of turkey broods and survival of poults.  A random ample of 28 broods from June 2018 had a total of 237 poults for an average of 8.46 poults per hen.


The acorn and beechnut crop do not look very good, and the wild apple crop looks on the poor side.  Therefore, turkey flocks should be more visible this fall in fields, feeding on grasshoppers and greens.


This 2018 spring season units H1 (309), H2 (470), K (544) from Southwestern New Hampshire had the highest gobbler harvests, and units J2 (642), L (393), M (454) from Southeastern New Hampshire.  These units should also have the most turkeys during fall 2018.


Detailed information on spring and fall turkey harvests can be found in the New Hampshire Wildlife Harvest Summary.