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Trapping in NH

New Hampshire's furbearer populations are healthy, diverse and abundant. Trappers, who are some of the best naturalists in the state, represent important partners in New Hampshire’s furbearer management efforts.


New Hampshire trappers provide many valuable benefits to the state's citizenry. Trapper harvest, under the guidance of carefully regulated trapping programs, helps maintain furbearer populations at desired biological and social levels. Data that trappers provide in annual trapper reports are essential for furbearer population management decision-making. Finally, the expertise that trappers provide to state, municipal and private interests in resolving wildlife/human conflicts represents an invaluable public service.





  • Permit to Trap PDF Document For use by landowners to grant permission to trap on their land
  • Annual Trappers Reporting Form PDF Document (required on or before April 30 each year, whether or not trapping activity occurred or furs were taken).
  • Fur Dealer Record Book PDF Document (must be carried on the person to whom issued at all times when buying the skins of furbearing animals and deer skins).


Education & Rules


Trapping License Requirements: Previous New Hampshire trapping license issued in the last three years; or trapper education card. Online trapper education courses will not be accepted.


Wildlife Control Operators



Learn More


Why We Need Trapping PDF Documentextracted from NH Wildlife Journal, January / February 2017


Trapping and Furbearer Management in North American Wildlife Conservation PDF Document

  • A compilation of the knowledge, insights and experiences of professional wildlife biologists who are responsible for the
    conservation of wildlife resources throughout the United States and Canada.