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Moose Hunt Basics

  • Each permit holder (permittee) may select one person of any age (subpermittee) to join him or her on the moose hunt.
  • Both either-sex and antlerless-only permits may be issued in some units.
  • The limit is one moose per permit, which may be shot by either hunter. Those drawing an antlerless-only permit may take one antlerless moose. All other permit holders may take either an antlered or antlerless moose.
  • Archery, muzzleloader, and regular firearms hunting are allowed, according to the hunting license type the hunter possesses.
  • Hunting is permitted by unit assignment, made as a result of the preferences listed on the application form and the order in which the applicant ranks in the drawing. Hunters may hunt only in the unit assigned to them.
  • The percentage of permits issued to nonresidents is the same as the percentage of hunting licenses sold to nonresidents in the previous year.
  • Moose hunters must carry their valid moose permit and NH hunting license with them at all times while hunting and registering their moose.