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Hunter Education

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, all class requirements must be met through the online course along with a field day to get hunter certification.


Once students pass the online exam, they will receive a voucher with a link to register for their field day. The cost of the online exam is $29.00 which is paid only upon passing. Masks and other personal protective equipment will be provided as needed at the field days, and class sizes will be limited to ensure the safety of participants.


Please Note: Field days are available only for New Hampshire residents age 12 and older. New Hampshire provides double certification for Hunter Education and Bowhunter Education in all certification courses except Trapper Education. There is no separate Bowhunter education course.


Anyone unable to attend a field day for the 2021 fall hunting seasons should consider the apprentice hunting license. Individuals who purchase an apprentice license can hunt with a fully licensed hunter age 18 or older without taking hunter education first. The apprentice license is a one-time purchase opportunity. This year's apprentice license will expire on December 31, 2021.


Find a Trapper Education Course

Please Note: Due to Covid-19 there will be no traditional trapper education courses being offered before June 30, 2021. The ONLY courses being offered for spring of 2021 will be the online course with follow-up field day for New Hampshire residents ages 12 years old and older.


Trapper Education teaches participants how to be safe, responsible and ethical while trapping furbearing animals. Courses are conducted around the State and generally offered April through September. If there is no course currently listed please check back frequently as new courses may be added.


Course Options

Trapper Education Online with In-person Field Day.

Study and pass the online "Today's Trapper" course and sign up for in person 4.5-hour field day. The cost is $34.50 for the online course, and up to an additional $5.00 for field day per student. Students must attend the entire field day and will be required to pass a written exam at the field day with a score 80% or better.


Trapper Education Traditional Course (NOT BEING OFFERED UNTIL JUNE 30, 2021) An 8-hour instructor-led in-person course. The cost for this course is no more than $5.00 per student. Students must attend the entire course and will be required to pass a written exam with a score 80% or better.

Owl Brook Hunter Education Center

Owl Brook Hunter Education Center is a 240-acre education center located in Holderness, N.H. A variety of hunting and outdoor skills workshops are offered year round including summer youth programs, advanced hunting skills topics, shooting skills, map and compass and outdoor survival. All workshops are taught using hands on experiential learning. Owl Brook also has a woodland archery range free for public use.

Why Take Hunter Education?

Today's hunters are going into the field knowing how to hunt safely, responsibly and ethically. Coupled with the voluntary use of hunter orange clothing, Hunter Education has dramatically helped to reduce the number of hunting-related firearms incidents in the field.


About the Hunter Education Curriculum


Hunter Education emphasizes safe gun handling, hunter responsibilities, ethics, and knowledge of firearms and ammunition. Students participate in a live fire exercise; learn about wildlife identification, conservation and wildlife management.  In addition, Conservation Officers provide expert advice on New Hampshire hunting rules and regulations as part of the class. The course culminates in a written examination and practical field exam in which students demonstrate their new knowledge and skills to earn certification. Bowhunter education is incorporated and covers the core concepts of ethics, wildlife conservation, identification and management, rules and regulations, bowhunting safety, archery equipment, tree-stand safety and proper shot placement. Students must also pass a written test to earn certification.


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