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2016 NH Moose Hunt Gallery

Congratulations, moose hunters - and thank you for your photos and stories!


Peruse our Moose Hunt Gallery and read successful stories from the New Hampshire moose hunt.


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Arianna Smith

This year’s (2016) Hunt Of A Lifetime permit holder, Arianna Smith of Milan, NH, took a 625-pound bull with a 36-inch antler spread in Unit B. 


Hunt Of A Lifetime is a nonprofit organization with a mission to grant hunting and fishing dreams for children age 21 and under, who have been diagnosed with life- threatening illnesses. Read more of Arianna's story.



sectionkevin howardThe moose pictured was shot on day 2 of the hunt. I was hunting with Jason Parent of NH Guide Services in WMU Zone B. There were four hunting parties in camp, the other three tagged out on day 1. I shot him at 8:00 AM on day 2. We spotted him on the next mountain. We ran (well I walked fast and stumbled a lot) down one mountain across the valley, crossed over a small stream & up the next mountain. Once we got up near the top, Jason did some calling expecting him to come down from our right. He came up from the right and he was looking for a fight.


He stopped about 100 yards in a bad spot. He was looking directly at us with an ever so slight quarter. There were blow downs in front of him, right up to his neck. I missed the first shot. A quick check after the kill revealed I hit the top 1/4-inch of the top tree branch right beneath his neck. Fortunately the wind was in our favor and the sun was in his eyes. He didn’t know what was happening. He stood there enabling me to shoot a second and third time. He started to walk away. I was stunned! I thought I missed. I had to reload. Just as I was ready to shoot again, he went down.


At the check in station I learned he was 910 lbs. field dressed with a spread of 53 inches and between 4.5 and 6.5 years old. At the time he was the largest moose taken, but the season was still young. We’ll see if he stands. If not, it’s still been the most exciting hunt of my life! - Kevin Howard



 Brandon Cluche and Brian Gaffney

This moose was taken by Brandon Cluche and Brian Gaffney in WMU D-2. We got him on the second day of our hunt. I had hunted moose in this zone as a sub permittee back in 2004 and again in 2010 with both hunts being successful.
I was confident we would find our moose. We spent almost every Sunday up north scouting. We didn't see any moose until the night before the season where we walked up on a cow and bull sleeping. We spent the first day calling and spotting with no moose in sight. Day two started the same and I thought we may have run them out of the area. About two hours in we decided to walk further into the cut and that's when I spotted the cow. The bull was not far behind. He came right at us.

 Brandon Cluche and Brian GaffneyBoth Brian and I shot. He then turned and ran in the direction of our truck cutting the distance just about in half. Some times you get lucky! Because of location and temperature we decided to quarter him in the woods. With the help of my brother Chad and my uncle Chris we made three trips with two game carts and got the job done. This bull has a 46" spread and would likely have field dressed around 750 Lbs.




 Brandon Williams



I shot this bull in D2 on the first morning of my hunt. I called him up out of a swamp and into a clearcut before I commenced to shooting. Dressed out at 730 pounds he had 17 points and a spread of 46.5 inches. Thank you to Fish and Game for the opportunity of a lifetime and to put a checkmark on my bucket list. - Brandon Williams Pike, NH





My name is Lee Friedman Jr. from Clayton, California.

Lee Friedman Jr

I was lucky enough to draw a Moose tag for Unit C-1. After contacting a few of the guide services I chose Jon Parks Jr. Tagging along on the trip as my sub permittee was my father. We had an incredible hunt hiking through the North Woods of New Hampshire. I had always heard about the Fall colors but was in awe to view the spectacle in person. On the fourth day of the hunt we heard a cow bellow from the ridge above us. Jon raked a tree with a 2"x4" and instantly a Bull grunted. My heart started pounding as the Bull destroyed small trees on the way to our location. Suddenly he appeared through the brush at 30 yards. What a rush! It is hard to imagine how big these animals are until you are in close proximity. Jon maneuvered us into position holding the board over his head

Lee Friedman Jrand swaying back and forth as if we were a rival edging in on his territory. When we reached an opening I took the opportunity to harvest this Majestic animal. Our Bull was 40" and field dressed 820lbs at the Berlin weigh station. I would like to thank NH Fish and Game, Linda Verville, Kristine Rines, Jon Parks Jr. and his family for all the help on this hunt. To have the opportunity to take a "Corker" Moose with my hunting mentor and Father was truly the hunt of a lifetime. God Bless America!

- Wicked Awesome,




Lou Greenwood

We were fortunate enough to harvest this beautiful bull in zone L on the last day of the hunt, with the help of Stephen Dubois, Hunting Wild NH Guide Service & my good friend sub-permittee Don Wirein Jr. The bull weighed in at 770lbs, had a 48” spread with 14 points and was estimated at 4 to 4.5 years old. The successful hunt was the result of great teamwork. I’m grateful to have drawn a permit and it was a memorable hunt. Thanks to all.

- Lou Greenwood Jr, Penacook NH.




Roxie Lemieux

My mother Roxie Lemieux had been putting in the moose lottery for quite a few years before finally getting drawn this year. My father Roland Lemieux went as the sub. They made the trip from there home in Canaan NH to the Twin mountain area dozens of times over the summer and early fall for scouting. My mother was able to make a great shot on this bull on the 3rd morning of the season. Because we were hunting in National Forest land, we quartered and packed him out. Not a easy task, I may add! We guessed him to be in the 650lb range but after the multiple trips to the truck he sure seemed heavier. He had a 42.5 inch spread. My mother would like to dedicate this hunt to her father, John Russell who passed this past year. A life long hunter who also had himself a successful moose hunt a few years ago.




 Brandon Cluche and Brian Gaffney

My name is Steve Cole and I live in Remsen, NY. After many years I finally drew a tag for A1. Needless to say I was speechless. The hunt was with Toby Owen of Connecticut Lakes Guide Service. With my subpermittee Keith Kanclerz it was better than if I wrote the script. At the end of 4 days and many miles of hiking we found the bull we were looking for. He is 451/2" wide and 780#. I can't say enough thanks to Toby he made my hunt a dream come true. Special thanks to Keith,

 Brandon Cluche and Brian GaffneyJake and John for the help getting him out and to the State of New Hampshire for helping to make this hunt possible.


- Steve Cole




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