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Unit M Antlerless-only Deer Permits

Each year, hunters in New Hampshire have the opportunity to purchase special permits to take additional antlerless deer in Wildlife Management Unit M. See WMU M Boundaries.


2022 Unit M permits are sold out. Check back July 2023.


Unit M Application Guidelines:

  • Each permit comes with two deer tags; the cost is $36, plus a transaction fee. There is not an option of buying one tag.
  • Permits are sold on a first-come, first-served basis, while supplies last.
  • You must have a current New Hampshire hunting or archery license to purchase.
  • You may purchase only one permit each year. Incomplete, illegible and duplicate applications will not be considered.
  • The permit is for taking antlerless deer only.
  • Deer may be taken in Unit M by any legal method during the muzzleloader, firearms or archery season. Check the New Hampshire Hunting Digest for season and legal method.
  • You may not take more than one deer at a time. If you are using a Special Unit M Permit, the first deer taken must be registered before you try to take another deer.
  • Youth hunters (under age 16) may buy the special permits (read more about youth hunting).
  • Permit is valid ONLY in Wildlife Management Unit M. Unit M boundaries are described below.


Boundaries of Wildlife Management Unit M* are as follows:

From the junction of Rte. 13 in Brookline and the NH/MA border, north on Rte. 13 to Rte. 101 in Milford, north on Rte. 101 to I-293 in Manchester, east on I-293 to I-93, north on Rte. I-93 to Rte. 101 in Manchester, east on Rte. 101 to its junction with the Squamscott River in Exeter, north along the Squamscott River to Great Bay, north along the Strafford/Rockingham County line in Great and Little Bay to the NH/ME state line, east along the NH/ME state line to the Atlantic Ocean, south along the NH coast line to the NH/MA line, west along the NH/MA state line to its junction with Rte. 13 in Brookline.


*as listed in the NH Hunting and Trapping Digest


Why are Special Unit M Antlerless-Only deer permits offered?
Special Unit M antlerless-only permits have been issued by Fish and Game since 1997 in an effort to stabilize the size of the deer herd in southeastern New Hampshire and minimize deer-human conflicts such as vehicle collisions and destructive browsing of ornamental plants. High deer densities and development make potential deer-human conflicts of greater concern in this region.