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Unit L Antlerless-only Deer Permits

Each year, hunters in New Hampshire have the opportunity to purchase special permits to take additional antlerless deer in Wildlife Management Unit L. See WMU L Boundaries.



The Unit L application period is now closed. Applicants will be notified of selection results by e-mail on September 3, 2018.



  1. Starting with the 2018 season, Unit L Permits will be issued via an online lottery.
  2. A current New Hampshire hunting license number will be required before the applicant can enter the lottery (except minors under 16 years of age).
  3. There is no cost to enter the lottery, you may only enter once.
  4. A one week application period will open on August 6 at 9:00am and will be administered ONLINE ONLY at   The application period will close on August 12 at midnight.
  5. Select the button “Unit L Lottery”
  6. You will need to enter your last name, date of birth, and current-year hunting license number to find your record (minors may need to enter as new).
  7. Continue to confirm your information, making sure your email address is correct since lottery winners will only be notified by email.
  8. Select Unit L Lottery as the license type.
  9. You will see a confirmation on screen that you can print out. 
  10. On September 3 applicants will be randomly drawn and notified through email if they were or were not selected.
  11. After email notification, winners may then visit the NHFG licensing site to purchase their Unit L Permit beginning on September 4 at 9:00am. You have until midnight Tuesday, September 11 to purchase the permitNO EXCEPTIONS.
  12. The number of Unit L permits will increase from 750 to 2,000.


About Unit L Permits

  • The Unit L Permit and tag are valid for an antlerless deer taken in Wildlife Management Unit (WMU) L only.  You may use the Unit L permit before or after filling any other deer tag you possess, such as archery or firearm; you may not take a second deer until the first deer is legally registered.
  • An antlerless deer may be taken during the entire Unit L season with this permit.  You can use this permit during the archery, muzzleloader, or firearms season by any legal method as follows:
  • A current New Hampshire archery license is required to take a deer with a bow and arrow during the archery season.  The archery season for Unit L Permit holders is September 15 - December 15.
  • A current New Hampshire muzzleloader license and a regular hunting (firearm) license are required to take a deer with a muzzleloader during the muzzleloader season.
  • A current New Hampshire regular hunting (firearm) license is required to take a deer with a firearm during the regular firearm season (you can use the Unit L Permit for the entire firearm season, through December 9, 2018).
  • A Unit L Antlerless Deer Permit is required for hunters of all ages, including minors less than 16 years of age and hunters holding permanent licenses such as Lifetime, Milestone/Over Age 68, Disabled Veteran or Paraplegic.  Minors under 16 years of age must be accompanied by a properly licensed adult.
  • Youth hunters (under age 16) may buy the special permits (read more about youth hunting). NOTE: To purchase for a minor, make sure you enter the minor’s information (you will probably have to enter them as new customer unless he/she has a previous bear or turkey license) and the parent’s driver’s license # if a resident of New Hampshire.
  • Fis 301.01(a) “Antlered deer” means a deer which has at least one antler 3 inches long measured from the tip of the main beam along the distal edge of the antler to the base of the antler burr at the skull.


Permit is valid ONLY in Wildlife Management Unit L. Boundaries are described below.


Why are Special Unit L Antlerless Only deer permits offered?
Special Unit L antlerless-only permits are being issued by Fish and Game in an effort to stabilize the size of the deer herd in southeastern New Hampshire and minimize deer-human conflicts such as vehicle collisions and destructive browsing of ornamental plants. High deer densities and development make potential deer-human conflicts of greater concern in this region.


Boundaries of Wildlife Management Unit L* are as follows:
Unit L: From the junction of I-93 & I-393 in Concord, east on I-393 to Rte. 4, east on Rte. 4 to Rte. 202 in Northwood, north on Rte. 202 to NH/ME state line, south along the NH/ME state line to Little Bay, south along the Rockingham/Strafford County line in Little & Great Bay to the Squamscott River, south along the Squamscott River to Rte. 101, west along Rte. 101 to I-93 in Manchester, south on I-93 to I-293, north on I-293 to I-93 to I-393 in Concord.


*as listed in the New Hampshire Hunting and Trapping Digest