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Attention NH Bear Baiters:

Do not Use Chocolate as Bait

Based on a 2016 rule change related to the black bear baiting season, no person shall establish, tend, or hunt over a bait containing chocolate or any cocoa derivative.

This rule does not apply to white chocolate given that white chocolate has only trace levels of theobromine and therefore is not considered toxic.


Toxic for Wildlife
Chocolate contains the ingredient theobromine, which can be toxic to bears and other wildlife that consume bait. White chocolate however is processed in such a way that it contains only trace amounts of theobromine. Theobromine poisoning of black bear cubs and raccoons has been documented in Michigan and four bears died in close proximity to a bait site in New Hampshire in 2014 as a result of theobromine poisoning. These rules will help ensure that New Hampshire’s bears and other wildlife are not at risk from the toxic effects of theobromine in the future.


Do not use chocolate as bait for bears. It's the law.