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Funding the NH Fish and Game Department

The New Hampshire Fish and Game Department uses revenue from fishing and hunting license fees, federal funds and other sources to accomplish its broad mission of conserving, managing and protecting the state’s fish, wildlife and marine resources and their habitats; informing and educating the public; and providing opportunities for people to use and appreciate these resources.


General Funds represent a small part of Fish and Game's budget -- less than 3%. The Department relies upon this State money, along with revenue from license fees, to make up the shortfall in the Fish and Game fund.


The Department's FY 16-17 budget included $600,000 per year in General Funds. A total of $1.2 million was transferred to the Fish and Game Fund during the biennium. This was less than the Department received in General Funds during the previous biennium ( ($699,000 for FY 14 and $893,000 for FY 15), but, together with increases in license fee revenue, it kept Fish and Game going.


Through HB 212, the Fish and Game Executive Director and the NH Fish and Game Commission were given authority to set hunting and fishing license and permit fees. Learn more about the 2016 license fee increases.



BirdwatchingA Legislative Commission to Study Opportunities and Options to Improve the Sustainability of the Fish and Game Department recommended that the Fish and Game Commission be granted authority to set and adjust license fees. It also recommended that some support for Fish and Game come from the General Fund or another revenue source.



All Citizens Benefit from Fish and Game Services


A strong commitment is needed from the public and the Legislature to keep the state's fish and wildlife agency strong and effective. The Department has made a big difference for New Hampshire's wildlife and wild places over the past 150 years.


Fish and Game has a broad mandate to conserve wildlife and wild places and provide other services for all New Hampshire citizens. Its budget sustains the full range of habitat and fish and wildlife management tasks, plus conservation education, law enforcement, search and rescue, assessing the impact of development projects on wildlife, and more. All of these functions are essential to ensure that the Department can effectively serve the wildlife and people of New Hampshire.


The inclusion of a small amount of General Funds in the Fish and Game budget is an important avenue through which the broader public that benefits from the Department's many services can contribute to its operation. Thanks for your support.