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Quality Trout Fisheries in NH

The NH Fish and Game Department manages selected waters to provide quality trout fishing experiences, meaning anglers have an opportunity to catch trout that are larger than average size (>12 inches) and/or at higher than average catch rates (>0.75 trout/hour). In most cases, New Hampshire waters managed to provide quality trout fisheries have special regulations such as reduced daily bag limits, minimum length limits, and/or fishing tackle restrictions. Check the NH Freshwater Fishing Digest for the specific regulations in place for each waterbody listed below.


Entries marked with an asterisk * are Fly-fishing only

Waterbody Town or location
Archery Pond* Allenstown
Cole Pond* Enfield
Dublin Lake (Monadnock Pond) Dublin
Hall Pond, Upper* Sandwich
Lime Pond* Columbia
Mountain Pond Brookfield
Profile Lake* Franconia
Shawtown Pond* Freedom
Sky Pond* New Hampton
Winona Lake New Hampton
Androscoggin River From the Errol dam to the markers at Bragg Bay and from the Saw Mill Dam to NH/Me boundary.
Ashuelot River, South Branch From the Iron Bridge, in East Swansey to the Farrar Pond dam in Troy.
Big Brook Bog North of the highway leading from the 1st to 2nd Connecticut Lakes, Pittsburg. (Note: Big Brook Bog will not be stocked until further notice because of earthen dam structural issues)
Cocheco River From the Watson Road dam downstream to the head of tide.
Connecticut River* From the dam at 2nd Connecticut Lake to the upstream side of the logging bridge on Magalloway Road.
Connecticut River* From the Magalloway Road bridge to the inlet at Green Point on 1st Connecticut Lake.
Connecticut River* From 1st Connecticut Lake dam to the signs on Lake Francis.
Connecticut River From a point 1,600 feet upstream from the bridge in North Stratford upstream to a point 250 feet below the Lyman Falls Dam in North Stratford.
Connecticut River From the Samuel Moore Dam downstream to the Route 18 bridge.
Contoocook River From a point 2,500 feet above the former paper mill dam in West Henniker, marked by signs and wire, upstream approximately one mile to a point marked by signs and wire.
Ellis River* From the covered bridge in Jackson to the Iron Bridge in Glen.
Isinglass River From the Rte. 125 bridge downstream to the confluence of the Cocheco River
Lamprey River From Wiswall dam to the first railroad trestle downstream of Packers Falls.
Mascoma River* From the Rte. 4 bridge south of the Mascoma Lake dam downstream to the covered bridge.
Newfound River* The area from West Shore Road to the dam adjacent to Crescent Street in Bristol.
Perry Stream* From the Happy Corner bridge to the Connecticut River.
Piscataquog River, South Branch From 300 ft. upstream of the bridge located at 42° 57.447’N 71° 42.494’W using WGS84 map datum on Lyndeboro Road downstream to the first bridge on Route 13 in New Boston.
Saco River* From a point at Lucy Brook marked by a sign, downstream to a similar sign at the confluence with Artist Falls Brook.
Souhegan River From a point 300 feet upstream of the green bridge on Old Wilton Road in Greenville to a point 300 feet downstream of the Route 31 bridge in Wilton.
Sugar River* From the Kellyville bridge to the so-called Oak Street bridge.
Swift River* From the Rte. 113A bridge downstream to the Rte. 113 bridge.


*Fly-fishing only