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Designated Trout Ponds in NH

These waters open the 4th Saturday of April. Closing dates and regulations vary - check the NH Freshwater Fishing Digest for details.


Waterbody Town
Adder/Hopkins Pond Andover
Airport Pond Whitefield
Archery Pond Allenstown
Back Lake Pittsburg
Barbadoes Pond Dover/Madbury
Basin Pond Chatham
Bear Brook Pond, Big Errol
Bear Brook Pond, Little Wentworth Loc.
Belknap Recreation Area Pond Gilford
Big Brook Bog Pittsburg
Black Mountain Pond Sandwich
Black Pond Lincoln
Blue Pond Madison
Bog Pond, Little/Fourteen and a Half Odell
Boundary Pond Pittsburg
Bragg Pond Millsfield
Butterfield Pond Wilmot
Carr Pond Clarksville
Carter Pond Bean’s Purchase
Center Pond Nelson
Chapin Pond Newport
Clarksville Pond Clarksville
Clough Pond Loudon
Coldrain Pond New Durham
Cold Spring Pond/Abbott Forest Pond Stoddard
Cole Pond Canaan/Enfield
Conservation Pond Wentworth
Coon Brook Bog Pittsburg
Conner Pond Ossipee
Corser Pond Errol
Cranberry Bog Pond Columbia
Devils Washbowl Odell
Diamond Pond, Little Stewartstown
Dublin Lake/Monadnock Pond Dublin
Dummer Pond, Big Dummer
Dummer Pond, Little Dummer
Duncan Lake Ossipee
Dustin Pond Wentworth’s Loc.
East Inlet Pittsburg
Echo Lake Franconia
Ethan Pond/Willey Pond Bethlehem
Exeter Reservoir Exeter
Falls Pond Albany
Ferrin Pond Weare
Flat Mountain Pond Waterville
Fourmile Pond Dix’s Grant
French Pond Henniker
Gilmore Pond Jaffery
Greeley Pond, Upper Livermore
Greenough Pond, Little Wentworth Location
Guinea Pond Sandwich
Halfmile Pond Enfield
Hall Pond, Lower Sandwich
Hall Pond, Middle Sandwich
Hall Pond, Upper Sandwich
Harris Pond Pittsburg
Hatch Pond Eaton
Hellgate Pond 2nd College Grant
Hot Hole Pond Loudon/Concord
Hoyt’s Pond Madbury
Hunkins Pond Sanbornton
Hunts Pond Hancock
Jacquith Pond Pittsburg
Jones Pond Middleton
Judd Pond Clarksville
Kiah Pond Sandwich
Ledge Pond Madison
Lime Pond Columbia
Lonesome Lake Lincoln
Long Pond Benton
Long Pond Eaton
Long Pond Errol
Long Pond Lempster
Long Pond Millsfield
Long Pond/Coniston Lake Croydon
Lucas Pond Northwood
Middle Pond Pittsburg
Millen Lake Washington
Millsfield Pond, Big Millsfield
Mirror Lake Whitefield
Mount William Pond Weare
Moose Falls Flowage Pittsburg
Moose Pond/Little Millsfield Pond Millsfield
Moose Pond Pittsburg
Morey Pond Andover
Mountain Pond Chatham
Mountain Pond Brookfield
Mud Pond Easton
Munn Pond Errol
Nathan Pond Dixville
Oliverian Pond Benton
Orange Pond Orange
Peaked Hill Pond Thornton
Perch Pond Campton
Perry Pond Pittsburg
Phillips Pond Odell
Pike Pond Stark
Pleasant Lake New London
Pond of Safety Randolph
Profile Lake Franconia
Rand Pond Goshen
Round Pond Errol
Round Pond Pittsburg
Russell Pond Woodstock
Saco Lake Carroll
Saltmarsh Pond Gilford
Sand Pond/Echo Lake Lempster/Marlow
Sawyer Pond Livermore
Sawyer Pond, Little Livermore
Scott’s Bog Pittsburg
Sessions Pond Dummer
Shawtown Pond/Shaw Pond Freedom
Sheehan Flowage Clarksville
Shoal Pond Lincoln
Signal Pond Errol
Simmons Pond Warner
Sky Pond New Hampton 
Smith Pond Washington
Solitude Lake Newbury
Spectacle Pond Groton/Hebron
Spoonwood Lake Nelson
Stirrup Iron Pond Salisbury
Stone Pond Marlborough/Dublin
Stonehouse Pond Barrington
Stratford Bog Stratford
Stub Hill Pond Pittsburg
Success Pond Success
Swains Pond Wentworth
Swanzey Lake Swanzey
Sweat Pond Errol
Terrill Pond/West Branch Pond Pittsburg
Three Ponds, Lower Warren/Ellsworth
Three Ponds, Middle Warren
Three Ponds, Upper Warren
Trio Pond, Lower Odell
Trio Pond, Upper Odell
Trout Pond Lyme
Trout Pond/Stacy Pond Freedom
Unknown Pond Pittsburg
Wachipauka Pond/Meader Pond Warren
Waukeena Pond/Pleasant Pond Danbury
Whitcomb Pond Odell
White Pond Wilmot
White Pond Ossipee
Whittemore Lake Bennington/Greenfield
Willard Pond Antrim
Wright Pond Pittsburg