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Fishing Tournaments

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  • Ice Fishing Tournaments
  • Open Water Fishing Tournament Schedule - This list may change as new tournament permits are requested, tournaments are cancelled, or permits are denied, so please check back from time to time for updates. Permits can be denied for various reasons and not all events are open to the public.
  • Kids' Tournaments
  • Bass Tournament Guidelines
    • Bass Tournament Lottery Process
      • Letter to Bass Tournament Directors PDF Document
      • Bas Tournament lottery applications will be accepted from October 1 through December 1 close of business (not postmarked by Dec 1).  Emailed applications will only be accepted when submitted through
      • Each sponsoring organization may submit up to 15 lottery applications.
      • No application shall be processed if the person or sponsoring entity has failed to file all of the reports required by Fis 503.04. Any such application received shall be returned to the sender without processing
      • Do not send checks with your lottery applications
      • Once lottery process has been conducted, you will be notified with a report as to which events you were awarded along with the associated fees.
      • You must indicate which events you would like to be issued permits for, and return this information with the appropriate fee within the given time frame. If the information is not received in time, your permits will be cancelled. We will not make changes to the applications you submitted for the lottery. Any additional tournaments applications will be accepted beginning on March 1st, and will be issued in the order in which the applications are received.
      • Beginning March 1 of each year, applications for the award of bass fishing tournament permits for any date and waterbody that remains available after the award of tournament permits by lottery shall be accepted.
  • Fish and Game's position on "Fizzing"
  • Inland Commercial Hatcheries


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