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Let's Go Fishing Volunteer Instructor - Job Description


  • Chief Instructor
  • Let's Go Fishing Program Coordinator


Instructors must volunteer a minimum of 12 hours each year.



  • An instructor must be 18 years of age, or older.
  • An instructor should be able to speak in front of student groups with poise, confidence and sincerity.
  • An instructor must be willing to abide by all Aquatic Resources Education program guidelines and adhere to the Instructor Code of Conduct.
  • An instructor must possess an openness and willingness to learn and improve teaching skills.
  • An instructor should have knowledge and experience in fishing and other related outdoor activities.


A Let's Go Fishing Instructor will:

  • Assist or teach portions of the curriculum prescribed by the department;
  • Be able to effectively communicate with students of all ages using proper grammar and terminology along with a variety of effective teaching methods to stimulate students;
  • Follow subject lesson plans provided by the department with the ability to use supplemental material;
  • Be able to use teaching aids and equipment effectively;
  • Maintain student discipline within the classroom;
  • Supervise students during the fishing experience;
  • Adhere strictly to the Instructor Code of Conduct and be governed by the Let's Go Fishing Program Coordinator, policies and procedures and Aquatic Resources Education guidelines;
  • Display ethical attitudes and behaviors;
  • Maintain certification by (a) keeping informed about program changes; (b) teaching classes; (c) attending instructor training workshops.