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A Peek Inside NH's Fish Hatcheries

Brook trout for Warren’s 2018 production and the 2017 aerial stocking fish are thriving with excellent growth and little to no mortality. Our other rearing stations are also doing a great job with young fry rearing.


fish hatchery facility

fish in pool

Powder Mill Hatchery crew has started to install baffles in the hatcheries’ fish rearing tanks; this will help move waste to the collection box without needing personnel to mechanically sweep the tank. The crew has also made a mobile baffle that is propelled by the tanks water current. Other benefits include reduced stress on fish during brush cleaning episodes, water flow and velocity is evenly distributed from the top to the bottom of the tank, fish spread more evenly though out the tank allowing for better feed distribution between individuals.




fish in tank


fish in tank


The Milford hatchery crew has been experimenting with a small scale air lift pump handmade by Lon Robinson. Utilizing this type of pump to increase water velocity will increase tank cleaning efficiency, aeration, distribute fish more evenly throughout the tank leading to uniform growth and better feed conversions. This is all done without having to increase water flow, potentially resulting in decreased electrical cost while promoting water conservation.


baffles in tank


Other Intersting Notes


Brook trout fry at New Hampton and Berlin hatchery feed voraciously and grow bigger every day. Brown trout fingerlings grow way ahead of schedule due to the benefits of early spawning provided by the photomanipulation hut.


The Landlocked salmon at Powder Mill hatchery hatched out 100%, sac fry will develop and start feeding very fast once Merrymeeting Lake starts to warm up with the arrival of spring.