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Inland Commercial Hatcheries

New Hampshire has commercial fish hatcheries that provide fish for private pond stocking and fishing tournaments (derbies). They are licensed by the state for the current year, but they are not part of the state's hatchery or fish stocking program. If you want to purchase fish for a private pond or a fishing tournament, please contact a commercial hatchery directly.


All fish released into any body of water must have a Permit to Release [Fis 805.02(a)] with the exception of brook, brown and rainbow trout that are being released into "closed systems" [Fis 807.04(e)]. Release of all fish into private ponds without screened outlets are required to have a permit, regardless of species.


Frequently Asked Questions


Where can I buy fish for my private pond?
Any private licensed commercial aquaculture facility.
Can I purchase fish from a hatchery source outside of NH?
Yes, but it will require an Importation of Fish/Wildlife permit (Fis 803.13) and must be accompanied by a Fish Health Certification (Fis 805.03) prior to approval for importation or release.
Do I need a permit to release for a kids fishing tournament?
Not if the fish are purchased from within NH and the species released are brook, brown or rainbow trout. You will need to apply for a permit to conduct a kids fishing tournament application.
Can I capture fish from the wild to stock a private pond?


Updated: June 3, 2022
Instate Hatcheries Species Telephone Number
Hy On A Hill Trout Farm
31 Reeds Mill Road
Plainfield, NH 03781
Brook, Brown, Rainbow Trout, Landlock salmon, fee fishing (603) 675-6267
Sumner Brook Fish Farm
RR 277 Route 16
Ossipee, NH 03864
Brook, Brown, Rainbow Trout, fee fishing (603) 998-3915 C
Justin Prunier
Hillsborough Aquafarm
186 Old Henniker Road
Hillsborough, NH 03244
Largemouth bass, Golden shiners, Pumpkin seed, Sunfish, Crayfish (603) 801-0410
Kimberly Joyce
231 Crawford Rd
Clarksville, NH 03592
Rainbow Trout and Golden Shiners (603) 538-6577

Charles Kalil

West Side Road

Bartlett, NH 03812

Trout, salmon, and smelt (603) 356-2234


Fis 805.02 Permits To Release Wildlife
(a) No live wildlife designated as controlled, the eggs or progeny thereof, shall be released without a permit to release wildlife or except as otherwise permitted under RSA 207:1-a, 214:34-d, and 209-A:3, IV or unless the release of wildlife is specifically permitted under another permit such as birds for regulated shooting areas or individual training and shooting permits or fish for kid’s tournaments under this chapter.


Fis 807.04 Conditions of the Inland Aquaculture License
e) Aquaculture licensees shall be subject to the requirements for importing and releasing fish under Fis 803 and 805 except that aquaculture licensees may stock brook trout, rainbow trout, or brown trout from their facility into non-public bodies of water that are closed systems without a permit to release fish.