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Fish and Game Faces: Past & Present

Harry PerkinsThe Mayor of Fisherville

How many remember Harry Perkins, the Mayor of Fisherville? Fisherville was a congregation of bobhouses on the ice at Wolfeboro Bay at Lake Winnipesaukee. It had its own City Hall (an impressive edifice with cupola, antenna, generator and telephone), City Hall Annex, Municipal Court, and “The Fisherville News” newspaper. Under the direction of Ralph G. Carpenter II (who later became Fish and Game Director), the winter ice fishing community was incorporated in 1940. Harry Perkins was elected Fisherville’s mayor that same year.


The bewiskered Perkins became something of a celebrity and a goodwill ambassador for the NH Fish and Game Department. At the Sportsman Show in Boston, and elsewhere, he was popular with all ages.


“He was an individual,” recalls District Chief Conservation Officer Lt. Peter Lyon. “He had a great sense of humor and probably did more in the way of public relations for the Department than anyone else.”


Perkins held NH Fishing Guide License No. 1 for many years, and was considered an authority on where to fish on Winnipesaukee.


Fisherville disappeared during the 1950s. Harry Perkins died in 1969 and is buried in Jones Wildlife Management Area in Middleton. Conservation Officers discovered his modest grave while inspecting the Department-owned property. What more appropriate final resting place for the ardent sportsman and friend of NH Fish and Game?